Category: Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Find hope and inspiration from cancer survivors and caregivers as they share the stories of their personal experiences with cancer.

Rural West Virginia home with trees and pretty scenery
Survivor and Caregiver Stories
Alan Helimsky

In the Woods with Cancer: Day One

Cancer survivors and family members share the advice they’d give a friend who’d recently received a diagnosis.

Survivor and Caregiver Stories
Brandon Pantano

National Bald is Beautiful Day

Many people who undergo chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer experience hair loss. While this can be a cause of distress, there is something to remember: bald is beautiful.

Survivor and Caregiver Stories
Brandon Pantano

Rural hope: Fighting Cancer in a Small Town

Access to care for patients living far from treatment centers or medical centers can be a challenge for rural cancer patients. Anal cancer survivor Terry shares her story.

Survivor and Caregiver Stories
Brandon Pantano

CHN Celebrates Cancer Survivor Month 

Each day, during Cancer Survivor Month and throughout the year, CHN’s cancer survivors and cancer caregivers create hope by providing peer support for people facing cancer across the nation.

Survivor and Caregiver Stories
Brandon Pantano

Meet the New Class of Support Volunteers: Caregivers Need Support Too 

Earlier this month, we trained an incredible group of new volunteers – including several cancer caregivers. The need for caregiver peer support continues to grow and we are grateful to this group of survivors and caregivers who have stepped up to help.

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