Here at CHN we have nearly 500 amazing Support Volunteers, ranging in age from 19-94 and the most recent class reflects that diverse life experience. Cancer knows no age and last week, we trained another outstanding group of new mentors – ranging in age from 26-79. 

While cancer knows no age, neither does hope. This group, while diverse in age, all share one thing. A passion to give back and create hope. One trainee found that “the mental aspect (of treatment) much more difficult” than treatment and plans to ease this for others. Another began her mentor journey at another organization but felt the need to help more. Other welcome additions include a trainee that is fluent in Mandarin and another who was in medical school at the time of diagnosis. They are now a 3rd year working to become a pediatric oncologist.  

Their reasons for volunteering include a focus on education and reliable information. “I am passionate about getting the word out to young people to not ignore symptoms and to be their biggest advocate,” said one, while another stated, “as a dedicated caregiver, I did a lot of research and tried to encourage him to stay active; I found keeping track of treatments and medications to be a full-time job.”  

We are deeply grateful to these strong, caring mentors for their willingness to help others navigate life and cancer:  

Joey – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma  

Francine – Uterine 

Chuck – Lung 

Keri – Lymphoma 

Lauren – Colorectal 

Donna – Caregiver 

The group joins our team of nearly 500 Support Volunteers already committed to providing peer mentoring for cancer patients and the people who love them. To connect with these, or one of our other volunteers, please call our Programs Team at 877-HOPENET (877.467.3638) or visit