Here at CHN, we have nearly 500 amazing Support Volunteers, including a growing number of cancer caregivers. Caring for a loved one facing cancer is extremely difficult, physically, and emotionally. Having support and hope as a caregiver is imperative to easing the pressure and stress of helping a loved one through cancer. We recently trained an incredible group of new volunteers many of which are caregivers. This group of strong women will provide hope and guidance to caregivers and survivors in the coming years.  

Our new class of volunteers were born to help others. There is a three-time caregiver and powerhouse mother, sister, and daughter. One is a Pediatric Nurse a mother and was a caregiver to her husband, she was also a former client. We are joined by a tremendously strong and smart 19-year-old and a Junior in college, who was a caregiver to her mother, she is also fluent in Spanish. Another young caregiver supported her friend at the age of 14 and is excited to help others while raising awareness in honor of her friend’s memory. One mentor had the unique experience of being a caregiver throughout the pandemic as her husband was diagnosed in September 2020 while another was not only a caregiver to her parents but a survivor herself.    

Rounding out the new class, we have a survivor volunteer that brings the unique perspective of a cancer journey that began at age 13 and is on her way to becoming an oncology nurse. One is a survivor and past CHN client who cared for her mother through Alzheimer’s. Another survivor is interested in becoming an end-of-life doula and lastly, but not least we have cancer survivor brought to us by Stanford Health. 

We are deeply grateful to these strong, caring women for their willingness to help other navigate life and cancer:  

Alyssa- Head & Neck: Tongue, Caregiver 

Annabel– Caregiver 

Brooke- Caregiver 

Barbra- Inflammatory Breast Cancer 

Carolyn- Caregiver 

Erika- Caregiver 

Kaci– Caregiver  

Jeanne – Intraductal Breast Cancer 

Madison- Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) 

Martha (Marty)- Cervical, stage 1 b2 

The group joins our team of nearly 500 Support Volunteers already committed to providing peer mentoring for cancer patients and the people who love them.  To connect with these, or one of our other volunteers, please call our Programs Team at 877-HOPENET (877.467.3638) or visit