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Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Gratitude and growth: Spotlight on Bill M.

Talk with Bill M for five minutes, and you’ll probably want to clear your calendar for the rest of the day. He’s that interesting. And that inspiring.

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The pain before the pain

A close friend’s husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. They’re saying maybe three, maybe four months. Which reminded me of my own husband’s terminal diagnosis.

Hope Helpers

Local support, national reach.

For more than a decade, Cancer Hope Network and St. Charles Cancer Center have been teaming up to create hope and provide support for cancer

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Health Coach Corner: Neural Pathways

For some, living well is a matter of choice. We can choose to nourish ourselves with healthy, nutritious foods. We can choose to move our

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

How to get over the pressure to be over cancer

Welcome to SURVIVING ON HOPE our new, monthly column from Support Volunteer Debbie Woodbury. Debbie blogs honestly about the emotional realities of life with cancer

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Unstoppable Susan

Support Volunteer Susan won’t let metastatic kidney cancer, brain surgery or even immunotherapy get in the way of life well lived.

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Can we choose happiness even in cancer?

Grand-dog Chloe and I are glamping in an elegant Airstream in a land of sunny skies and craggy mountain ranges and saguaro cacti. Tucson. I’m

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Scripting hope

Grab your scissors. Break out CHN trustee, Golf Classic Chair and crafter extraordinaire Lindsay is back with a lesson.

Hope Helpers

Hope Helpers: Bag It

Bag It is teaching, guiding and empowering cancer patients and caregivers.

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Educator, amputee, survivor

Middle school special education teacher Emily Parker shares lessons and inspiration from her fight with melanoma.

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Get up. Dress up. Show up. Smile.

Ice cream, lipstick and joy – Bridget shares the lessons of hope she’s learned while living with metastatic breast cancer.

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