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Survivor and Caregiver Stories

A family focus on hope.

It’s not a stretch to say that helping is in Charles McGivney Junior’s DNA. In fact, to ask him or his wife Randi, their recognition

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Why tenacity matters in the face of cancer

My husband, Gary, was  stubborn tenacious. When he was first diagnosed with late-stage, slow-growing cancer, we learned he could expect about two years of life. But

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Wedding. Cancer. Divorce.

Ask any cancer survivor and there’s a good chance they can name the friend (or friends!) who bailed after diagnosis. A quick search for “losing

Survivor and Caregiver Stories


Written by Support Volunteer Marci Floski. To read more of her work, visit her blog The 8th Hard Thing. the truth is we do move

Yeah, but - stories of cancer survivors who are finding hope and giving support
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Addicted to the “yeah, but…”

“I’m addicted to the “yeah, but…” ~Dr. Ryan Gustus “Yeah, but…” is where the Support Volunteers of the Cancer Hope Network community thrive. For them,

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Becoming friends with hope.

Chrysalis Gala honorees Diane and Tom Bongiorno talk life-changing brochures, business and hope.

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Friendship doesn’t run away.

When blood tests showed slightly elevated PSA levels, Joe Borzacchiello’s doctors were cautiously optimistic, telling him that few patients with similar levels had cancer. In

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

A bag of FU and hope.

Michael Korb was 59 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had no family history of cancer and had been putting off the colonoscopy

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Puppies, puking and hope.

Jenn’s diagnosis with leiomyosarcoma was as unexpected as the disease is rare. “I was in my last year of medical training, getting ready to be

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Hopelight Spotlight: Jeff Scott

“I don’t think of cancer as a death knell for people. There are so many treatments. I try to let people know that they can

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Christmas in July

There’s a reason Christmas is often known as the “most wonderful time of the year.” For that one day, it seems everyone is just a

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

My Dad Got Sick: Money vs. Memories

Guest post by Jay Perry In early 2013, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given nine months to live. He would

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Hopelight Spotlight: Glioblastoma Survivor David

These days, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), or brain cancer, is in the news more than ever. For David Swan, the reports are especially personal. He recently

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