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Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Cancer Caregivers Needed: Give help. Get Help  

Cancer Hope Network provides resources and peer support for cancer caregivers – and is looking for seasoned caregivers to serve as volunteer mentors. 

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Link with Hope

LinkedIn helps people find our services, is an opportunity to recruit new volunteers and, of course, is an opportunity for our volunteers of all types to celebrate their work to make sure no one faces cancer alone.

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Meet the New Class of Support Volunteers: Caregivers Need Support Too 

Earlier this month, we trained an incredible group of new volunteers – including several cancer caregivers. The need for caregiver peer support continues to grow and we are grateful to this group of survivors and caregivers who have stepped up to help.

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Final Hope: Navigating End-Of-Life

How do we navigate the reality of end-of-Life? How do we support our loved ones on this journey? When someone is given the news of a terminal diagnosis, they have certain desires – physical, psychosocial, and emotional needs – that must be addressed.

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