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Art as Therapy

Go to the dollar store and pick up an adult coloring book, go to an art supply store and pick up some paints, use your phone to create stunning photographs, the possibilities are endless, and HOPE is just a brush stroke or a pencil scribble away.

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CHN Trains a New Class of Volunteers

We are excited to welcome this new class of volunteers and are inspired by the overwhelming sense of caring and devotion they bring.

News & Events

Meet the CHN Team: Leslie Colon

As an organization dedicated to providing hope, there’s definitely a baseline of “required niceness” for anyone hired at Cancer Hope Network. Leslie Colon, our new

Survivor and Caregiver Stories

Lucky, hopeful 13

Longterm ovarian cancer survivor Dee reflects on more than a decade of hope-filled service.

News & Events

CHN trains new class of volunteers

New volunteer trainings are one of our favorite events. We love getting to know our new volunteers and learning about journeys they have been on.

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