New collaboration helps address barriers to clinical trials participation, expands resources to patients and caregivers

Chester, N.J., February 28, 2024 – Cancer Hope Network and Lazarex Cancer Foundation announced today a new collaboration that will expand patient and caregiver access to psychosocial support during clinical trials through Cancer Hope Network’s Talking About Clinical Trials (TACT) program. This important collaboration between Cancer Hope Network and Lazarex Cancer Foundation enhances the services offered by both organizations to the oncology community, extends their reach, and provides access to more people in need of social and emotional support during their cancer journey. 

Cancer Hope Network provides personalized, supportive connections for patients and caregivers based on their diagnosis and treatment, as well as their mental, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual needs, individual lifestyle choices, and other personal circumstances. For nearly 20 years, Cancer Hope Network has been training TACT Mentors to constructively and safely share their experiences, offer practical advice, and answer questions about the process of participating in a clinical trial.  

“Every person’s cancer experience is unique, so finding someone who understands their individual challenges can be difficult—even more so when it comes to participating in clinical trials,” said Beth Blakey, Executive Director & COO of Cancer Hope Network. “We’ve been providing connections for people considering or participating in clinical trial research through our TACT program for nearly two decades. Having a safe space to be vulnerable, to ask questions, and to feel like you are not alone is so important in helping to address some of the biggest barriers to participation in life-saving research like medical distrust (especially where there are linguistic and cultural barriers), fear, and a lack of understanding of the clinical trials process.” 

Founded in 2006 by Dana Dornsife, Lazarex Cancer Foundation strives to improve cancer health outcomes, FDA cancer clinical trial diversity and enrollment, and patient access to care by aiding with clinical trial navigation, reimbursing trial-related travel costs, and partnering with at-risk communities to mobilize resources.  The organization’s vision is to make hope, dignity, support, and advanced treatments available to everyone affected by cancer, at any stage of their journey. 

“The Lazarex Cancer Foundation is passionately committed to advocating for the expansion of available resources for people impacted by cancer who’ve been told they’ve run out of medical options,” said Dana Dornsife, Founder and Chief Vision and Strategy Officer of Lazarex Cancer Foundation. “Through this important collaboration with Cancer Hope Network, we are excited to realize the hope, dignity, and support aspects of our vision more robustly. We look forward to leveraging this relationship to support our work in increasing cancer clinical trial diversity and enrollment and to helping Cancer Hope Network grow their network of TACT mentors.”   

The Lazarex Cancer Foundation currently offers their Lazarex CARE, IMPACT, and Cancer Wellness HUBs programs that provide support for clinical trial navigation, financial assistance, advocacy, outreach and community engagement. 

About Cancer Hope Network 

Cancer Hope Network provides free and confidential 1:1 peer support for cancer patients, survivors, and those who love them. Our trained survivor and caregiver volunteer mentors provide support from diagnosis, through treatment and into survivorship. They have faced more than 98% of the cancers that will be diagnosed in 2023, speak 15 languages, and are prepared to offer hope and guidance through a wide variety of challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis. 

All volunteer and client matches are overseen and supported from beginning to end by a team of healthcare and social work professionals. For more information about Cancer Hope Network and its mission, please visit 

About Lazarex Cancer Foundation 

At Lazarex Cancer Foundation we strive to improve cancer health outcomes, FDA cancer clinical trial diversity and enrollment, and patient access to care by aiding with clinical trial navigation, reimbursing trial related travel costs, and partnering with at-risk communities to mobilize resources. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our EIN# is 20-2562494. For more information go to