Finding hope while living with cancer.

Cancer is not the end. Our cancer survivor and cancer caregiver volunteers are finding hope in survivorship. They’re embracing  the possibility of “yeah, but” as they provide free and confidential peer support for patients, caregiver and survivors facing cancer across the nation.

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I love podcasts. They fight for rank with audiobooks as a favorite way to maximize my time – helping me learn new things and explore worlds far beyond my everyday – all while doing dishes or running errands.

I also love the cancer survivors and cancer caregivers who serve as peer mentors with Cancer Hope Network. When those loves intersect, magic can happen.

Podcasts are how I discovered Dr. Ryan Gustus.

He’d been developing software to help the patients in his and others’ optometry practices and talked about setbacks he’s faced and challenges he’s overcoming.

Despite the obstacles he’s encountered, his excitement, his focus was on the victories he’s achieved. The progress. As he spoke, one phrase kept ringing in my ears. “I’m addicted to the yeah, but…”

Yeah, but - stories of cancer survivors who are finding hope and giving support

“Yeah, but…” is where the cancer survivor and cancer caregiver Support Volunteers of the Cancer Hope Network community thrive.

For them, “Yeah, but…” means finding the hope and possibility in any circumstances – even when that circumstance is cancer. “Yeah, but…”is pushing past the challenges of treatment and the pain of recurrence to find hope and healing.

Like entrepreneurs, our volunteers tell their cancer stories and share their wisdom by focusing on the small victories when big ones seem out of reach. They are discovering lives of service and purpose as part of their post-treatment new normal.

Today, a look at some of the “Yeah, buts…” stories from cancer survivors who make hope happen every day.

Yeah, John lost part of his tongue to cancer…but he’s completed his degree in social work and is helping elderly clients.

Yeah, David had “a chunk pulled out of his head” because of brain cancer…but he’s planning to walk his daughter down the aisle this fall.

Yeah, Ellen survived cervical cancer in 1996, and has faced bladder issues and multiple intestinal surgeries and is currently playing tennis with tubes running down the back of her legs…but she’s finding laughter and joy in comforting others.

Yeah, Joe lost a friend when he was diagnosed…but he’s discovered deeper relationships with his adult daughters.

Yeah, Malissa fought depression and literally died after her double mastectomy…but she’s embracing her scars and hosting her own radio show.

Yeah, Paul fought Graft Vs Host disease after his bone marrow transplant…but he’s now helping his fellow Princeton alums through cancer and other illness.

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