Cancer Hope Network Lazarex Partnership

Clinical trial support at every stage in your journey.

Cancer clinical trials can help save lives, drive innovation and improve the quality of care for future generations. But for patients and caregivers going through cancer, they can be another frightening unknown. Talking to someone who’s been there can help.

The Lazarex Cancer Foundation is dedicated to improving the outcome of cancer care for advanced stage cancer patients and the medically underserved by connecting them with information and resources, as well as financial assistance to help with the out-of-pocket costs associated with clinical trial participation. In addition, we are committed to creating safe spaces through our Cancer Wellness Hubs for at-risk community members to talk about concerns related to their cancer experience and to explore prevention, treatment, and clinical trial options.

Mentorship and Hope From People Who Have Been There

With a shared mission to inspire hope and address barriers to participation in lifesaving research, Cancer Hope Network and the Lazarex Cancer Foundation have joined forces to walk your cancer path with you as you navigate the process of participating in a clinical trial. Together, we are here to provide combined support and resources that can make your journey a bit easier.

By partnering with Cancer Hope Network’s Talking About Clinical Trials (TACT) program, the Lazarex Cancer Foundation is proud to add peer mentorship support to the tools we offer to patients and their families. Cancer Hope Network’s TACT Peer Mentors are specially trained to provide support to patients who are either considering or currently participating in a cancer clinical trial. 

Cancer Hope Network Peer Mentors are available to share their experiences and answer any questions you may have about participating in a cancer clinical trial. If you are nervous about clinical trial research, our Peer Mentors are here to provide a safe space where emotions can be expressed openly, and they will support you as you process your thoughts about participating in a clinical trial. 

Get Matched

Navigating a cancer journey is hard. Connecting with someone who understands is easy. Cancer Hope Network connects cancer patients and their loved ones with trained Peer Mentors who care because they’ve been there and have undergone a similar cancer journey. Our Peer Mentors are a listening ear who can provide empathetic support and give you the freedom to show up exactly how you are in each moment, moving at the pace that works for you.

To connect with a Peer Mentor who understands, simply click on the ‘Get Matched’ button below to request a free, confidential match.


If you are a cancer survivor or caregiver who is looking to give back by joining our team as a volunteer Peer Mentor, please click on the link below and a member of our Programs Team will contact you. All Cancer Hope Network Peer Mentor volunteers receive initial and ongoing training, support from our professional staff, and plenty of opportunities to connect with other survivor and caregiver Peer Mentors from all over the country. Join us today!


Your gift creates hope. With your help and generosity, we are ensuring that patients and caregivers facing any kind of cancer are connected to a volunteer. 

About Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Founded in 2006 by Dana Dornsife, Lazarex Cancer Foundation is dedicated to providing assistance to those undergoing cancer care. They provide resources for patients navigating clinical trial treatments and partner with at-risk or underserved communities to increase access to these resources. The organization’s vision is to make hope, dignity, support, and advanced treatments available to everyone affected by cancer, at any stage of their journey. 

Lazarex puts patients first, focusing on improving cancer health outcomes, cancer clinical trial diversity and enrollment, and patient access to care through a variety of support programs. The organization currently has Lazarex CARE, IMPACT, and Cancer Wellness HUBs programs that provide support for clinical trial navigation, financial assistance, advocacy, outreach and community engagement.