At Cancer Hope Network, our commitment to privacy is rooted in two of our core values: integrity and respect. Data Privacy Week is “an international effort to empower individuals and encourage businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust.” (1)

Sharing the details of life’s hard times is difficult enough without worrying that they’ll be shared. At CHN, respect means that privacy is more than a buzz word – it’s our promise to each volunteer, each patient or caregiver calling us. Your match and the information you share with us will always be free and always confidential.

Integrity, or our commitment to “uprightness or fidelity, especially in regard to truth and fair dealing” (2) means that we will never sell, rent or share your information without your permission.

Our commitment to protecting privacy in a way that models respect and integrity makes us particularly proud to be a 2022 Data Privacy Champion. Click HERE to learn about managing common privacy settings or learn more about online safety basics HERE.

Looking for a free a confidential peer support match? Talk to a live person by calling 877.467.3638, click find a survivor or caregiver volunteer who’s right for you or visit our About page to learn more about Cancer Hope Network.

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