Team Elizabeth Virtual 5K 2021 participants

Team Elizabeth Virtual 5K FAQ Page

What is a Virtual 5K Race?

Ordinarily, 5K participants gather at a specific race location at a specific time to travel 3.1 miles on one specific trail.  In a Virtual 5K, participants register and complete the race in support of a great cause, but have complete flexibility to accomplish this anywhere they please – on a track, treadmill, neighborhood route, etc.  And they can complete the race on a more flexible schedule.

How Do You Know I Completed The Race?

Great news – this is all done through the honor system!  Oh, and it is not a real “race” with victory times/prizes.  No matter what your completion time is (if you’re a walker, runner, skipper, dancer), we are simply thrilled to have you be part of Team Elizabeth.  Our true goal is to honor her as a team and raise awareness for cancer.  So everyone should feel welcome to participate!!!

How Much Does It Cost, and Why Would I Pay To Register When I Can Run for Free At Home?

100% fair question.  As mentioned above, this is about Elizabeth and celebrating her.  Plus, if we’ve learned anything in the past two years, it’s that there can never be enough hope and support to go around for people who need it – especially when there are diseases like cancer that don’t take a break.  Hope and support are needed now more than ever, and organizations like Cancer Hope Network are working harder than ever to bring that to people – the same way that Elizabeth always did.  And that is what being part of Team Elizabeth is about. 

To register with Team Elizabeth is $35.00

To register with Team Elizabeth PLUS get a tee shirt is $50.00

You may also donate any amount over $50.00 you wish (which will also secure your spot on Team Elizabeth as well as earn you a shirt).

All proceeds will benefit Cancer Hope Network.

What Is The Schedule?

To honor Elizabeth’s hard fought battle with glioblastoma, we are opening up our celebration to the entire month of May (Brain Cancer Awareness Month), starting on Sunday, May 1 all the way through the end of the year.

Registration for Team Elizabeth is currently open.

And What’s Up With the Team Elizabeth 2022 Tee Shirts?

I’m so glad you asked.  While you will select your merchandise when you register, please click here to see the design and other logistics about our official Team Elizabeth tee shirts this year. 

Can I Participate If I Do Not Live In The United States?

Unfortunately, to receive a shirt, you do need to live in the United States for shipping reasons.  However, if you live outside the US and still wish to donate or be part of Team Elizabeth (without the shirt), we would be delighted to have you!

How Can I Help Share Our Celebration of Elizabeth With Others and Invite More People To Join Our Team?

Share however you like as creatively as you know Elizabeth would have appreciated! 

There are so many people who would love to be a part of this – let’s try to reach as many of them as possible.  Share this team page and registration link – on email, FB, Instagram, etc. 

Share your race day photos, share your pre-race day training (if you train), or share memories and photos of Elizabeth that make you especially excited to be a part of this team!  And when you do, if you could please use the following tags:


Please feel free to tag CHN’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

For other questions, email Randibeth Gallant –

Thank you all!!!