“It was a really scary part of life – I had these two little kids and had just lost my dad. I was matched with a woman who was also a mother and had beat Hodgkins. It made me feel so much better. My family had just gone through losing my dad. Speaking to her meant I wasn’t adding another burden on them.”

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Chances are, you or somebody you know faced cancer. This year, more than 1.6 million people and their families will receive that terrible, life-changing news. Some are just beginning the fight; others are going another round with a familiar foe.

Your generosity helps them not face it alone. For every patient like Cyndie, navigating cancer treatment while managing their life and learning a “new normal,” there is someone who has been there. And thanks to Cancer Hope Network, every family caregiver searching for respite after another draining night of giving hope and comfort has someone to turn to for understanding.

You can give patients and their loved ones empowerment through hearing a survivor say, “I got through it. I am here for you.” Please give as generously as you can so that we may continue to match patients, survivors and their loved ones with someone whose experience closely mirrors their own.
Cancer is devastating, but it needn’t be desolate.

Every gift to Cancer Hope Network helps our Support Volunteers assist patients and their loved ones in the fight from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship.
Visit cancerhopenetwork.org/give to give your gift today.

Thank you.