Meet Sarah Miretti Cassidy. As Director of External Affairs, Sarah leads the team that helps people find our service and raises the money to make those services possible. Sarah is originally from Indiana and is the proud aunt to a dozen nieces and nephews.

Sarah is very outgoing and uses this trait to allow other people to be heard – helping create spaces where people feel free expressing themselves and situations where difficult conversations are a bit easier. When Sarah was younger she had lots of plans, wanting to be a professor, journalist, social worker or lawyer, but at the foundation knew she wanted to help people. Today, she is using her talent and outgoing personality in nonprofit marketing and fundraising. Sarah spent much of her career working with education nonprofits, and joined CHN in 2015.

Since then, she has modernized our communications and works to share the voices and perspectives of our volunteer community. It soon became clear that she needed us as much as we needed her when she became a caregiver as her mother-in-law faced cancer. She sees her work at CHN as an opportunity to ensure everyone has a great support system and access to the resources they need.
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