New volunteer trainings are one of our favorite events. We love getting to know our new volunteers and learning about journeys they have been on. Plus, we get to learn about the hobbies they have (that often make us want to start something new ourselves). In March we added four more wonderful survivors to our community. We are pleased to introduce them here.  

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One was diagnosed with cancer as a child then again as a teen. As an adult they held hands with their father, mother, and sister as each went through battles with cancer. For another the effects of radiation left them struggling until a phone call from a survivor brought the hope that inspired them to keep fighting. One found the mental aspects after treatments and surgery had a more distressing impact than the physical traumas. Another has a deep understanding of the influences of supporting fellow cancer survivors and became a certified cancer coach. 

Together they are a group of movie loving, outdoor hiking, puppy adoring, Support Volunteers. They enjoy watching their children grow up and helping cancer patients make healthy nutrition choices. Each cancer journey is uniquely its own, but the threads that bind them are often strikingly similar. We are grateful to our volunteers for sharing their stories so we can find the perfect match to bring the perfect dose of hope.   

  • Judy–  breast cancer 
  • Matt– rectosigmoid Cancer 3b  
  • Ken– squamous carcinoma of neck/base of tongue  
  • Jeffrey– fibrosarcoma/thyroid cancer & caregiver 

The group joins more than 400+ Support Volunteers already committed to providing peer mentoring for cancer patients and the people who love them.  To connect with these, or one of our other volunteers, please call our Programs Team at 877-HOPENET (877.467.3638) or visit