Allies of Hope

Cancer Hope Network’s Allies of Hope Program is built on the premise that collaboration and resource pooling offer an effective solution for improving cancer care, health, and wellness.

It is a meticulously designed program that enhances the services offered by the oncology community, extends our reach, and provides access to more clients in need of social and emotional support.

Through the Allies of Hope Program, Cancer Hope Network helps hospitals, cancer centers, treatment facilities, individual healthcare and mental health providers, corporations, community health programs, and other nonprofit organizations to maximize resources by working together.

Allies of Hope offers a full spectrum of opportunities including our entry-level reciprocal referral program, services that complement or enhance our partners’ existing cancer support programs, and robust partnerships through which Cancer Hope Network provides complete, end-to-end management of a partner’s 1:1 peer support program.

For more information on Cancer Hope Network’s Allies of Hope program, please contact Sarah Miretti Cassidy, Director of External Affairs (908-879-4039).

Current Collaborations